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Take advantage of our extensive knowledge, commitment to superior customer service, and dedication to excellence.Take advantage of our extensive knowledge, commitment to superior customer service, and dedication to excellence.

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At New City Scales, we pride ourselves in the relationships we form with our customers. We wont sell a product we don’t believe in.
Unlike other manufacturers products, A New City Scales 15 meter weighbridge uses over 12,500kgs of steel. The high inbuilt strength achieved means that only four load cells are required and overall durability is second to none. New City Scales weighbridge’s utilise fully welded construction comprising of two large universal beams supporting multiple cross members and a 10mm thick load plate. Installation can be carried out on roadways or compacted hard core surfaces and gradients up to 1 in 30 are accommodated. Access to the load cells is gained by simply removing the four protective exterior covers. All of our weighbridge decks carry a full 5 year warranty.
Standard Lengths: 8, 9, 15, 18 & 20 meters

Standard Widths: 3 & 4 meters
Bespoke Sizes: To suit exact requirements
Capacities: 40,000 kg, 50,000 kg, 60,000 kg, 80,000 kg & 100,000 kg

A weighbridge is central to a business that relies on accurate weighing. Selecting the wrong product for the job will not only lead to early failure but also create service and maintenance issues for the user during the life of the product that may lead to periods of inaccurate weighing and significant financial loss. Our weighbridge design not only protects the load-cells by lifting them clear of the ground, it also incorporates a fully welded deck to prevent mud and debris from building up leading to weighing errors and costly maintenance.

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