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Powerful Hiab assists with hire bridge install

A hire weighbridge going in with Loades Transports 90 ton per meter Hiab. Installed and verified for trade use in a morning, ready to serve one of our good customers. Unlike many other weighbridges, our hire bridges are heavy duty single piece structures with a fully welded top plate. All this inbuilt strength made the weighbridges to heavy for most Hiab installs. The new addition to Loades Transports fleet manages the task with ease.

Weighbridge Conversions

Here at New City Scales Ltd we have developed conversion kits for all major manufacturers weighbridges. These kits allow for the replacement of load cells with our cost effective high quality alternatives, delivering long term cost savings while maintaining the highest possible performance.

New heavy-duty low profile pit bridge

New City Scales have produced a heavy-duty low-profile pit bridge. Made to the same exacting standards as our regular pit bridges.
The Benefits of the new design is it only requires a 450 mm deep pit, reducing the cost of the pit construction.
Learning the lessons from other manufactures short falls we have opted for a one-piece construction with a fully welded heavy duty deck plate to help prevent debris ingress into the pit.

New Office for New City Scales Ltd.

We have just completed a new office at our main site in Buckinghamshire.

Second test unit up and running


Weighbridge replacement in a very confined space.

New City Scales Ltd were asked by one of our trade partners to build a heavy duty pit weighbridge to fit their customers existing weighbridge pit. The worn weighbridge was over twenty ton in weight and inside a building with very little headroom. Working with Southern Crane & Access Ltd we removed the original weighbridge from the building and fitted the new weighbridge. The work was carried out over the course of a weekend to minimise disruption to the customer.

Job finished, Thanks to Southern Crane & Access Ltd for there professional approach to a challenging lift.


Weighbridge Calibration and testing

New City Scales have two bespoke built 44,000 kg weighbridge test units. the units are offered for hire to our customers, trade customers and local trading standards.

We have a new website!

Great news for all our fans, we have a new website. You can now read up on our latest news, see what previous customers have had to say, view our gallery and contact us with just the click of a button.

Try our website partner for yourself:


New Weighbridge supplied

Grain store Harwich: We project managed the entire project sourcing all the customers needs including: weighbridges, foundations, office, grain sampler, Dickey john moisture analyser, camera system and weighbridge management software. as well as verifying both weighbridges for trade use. The customer simply turned up upon completion and had a fully operational business.

Job finished, Thanks to Southern Crane & Access Ltd for there professional approach to a challenging lift.