New City Scales hire weighbridge’s require minimal foundation work as surface mounted weighbridge’s will be supplied with wide load spreading feet to enable installation on existing roadways, concrete or compacted hard core surfaces. Low profile on and off loading ramps are included and gradients up to 1:30 are accommodated. Hire weighbridge’s are normally delivered, installed and weights and measures verified to satisfy legal trading requirements, within a single day. All our hire weighbridge’s are of a heavy duty construction, made in the UK at our Sheffield manufacturing facility.

A weighbridge is central to a business that relies on accurate weighing. Selecting the wrong product for the job will not only lead to early failure but also create service and maintenance issues for the user during the life of the product that may lead to periods of inaccurate weighing and significant financial loss. Our weighbridge design not only protects the load-cells by lifting them clear of the ground, it also incorporates a fully welded deck to prevent mud and debris from building up leading to weighing errors and costly maintenance.

Manufacturing flexibility enables weighbridge’s to be made in any length, width, depth or strength. This is particularly useful when a pit weighbridge is in need of replacement as a new weighbridge will simply be manufactured to fit the existing pit.

Each unit offering a gross testing weight of 44,000 kg. Our calibrated weights are tested and certificated by trading standards to give you the confidence that your weighbridge meets all legal requirements.
The units comprises of a six axle articulated lorry, forklift truck and stackable test weights together with smaller individual hand weights. A certificate of calibration is always carried on the vehicle and copies are available upon request. Our fully trained operators have many years of experience and will carry out weight testing procedures whilst bearing in mind that weighbridge downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. As New City Scales have accreditation for trade legal self verification, most weighbridges can be verified to satisfy legal trading requirements, without a trading standards officer needing to visit the site.

At New City Scales we believe in providing our customers with a one stop solution for their weighbridge needs.

As such we have a specialist ground works team that can deliver foundations to the highest standards with the assurance that our experience means you get the best operational design possible.
We can also supply a weighbridge office chosen for its suitability of use. Taking advantage of our experience means no costly mistakes are made and ensures the smooth delivery of your needs whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.
Our specialist ground works team hold site safety passports along with all required plant certificates, allowing them to deliver your project safely and professionally.